Is the cutting disc valid?

Have you always wondered if cutting discs are valid? Then access this content and see how to identify the validity of your cutting disc. Check out this practical tip to check the validity of your cutting disc The cutting disc is a type of abrasive product widely used in various cutting processes. All professionals in the industry, […]

3 Fascinating Facts About Cutting and Grinding Discs You Might Not Have Known

Cutting and Grinding Discs are staples of engineers and fabricators arsenals. Without them, there would be no way to smooth welding lines or cut metal quickly. While we use these tools almost every day, there are still many questions to be answered about cutting and grinding discs. So here are three amazing things you may […]

8 features you should know about Grinding & Cuttingwheel

High bonding strength. For example, the linear speed of the high-speed cutting wheel can reach 80-100m/s, and the grinding load of the heavy-duty grinding wheel is increased from about 50kg to more than 1000kg. 2.Easy to adjust the structure and performance. The hardening temperature of the resin abrasive is only about 185 °C, which is […]