Is the cutting disc valid?

Have you always wondered if cutting discs are valid? Then access this content and see how to identify the validity of your cutting disc.

Check out this practical tip to check the validity of your cutting disc

The cutting disc is a type of abrasive product widely used in various cutting processes. All professionals in the industry, civil construction, locksmiths, who work with metal cutting and shaping usually use cutting discs.

However, even though it is so present in the lives of professionals, it is common for doubts to arise regarding the validity of this type of product.

After all, is the cutting disc valid? The answer is yes.

Validity of the cutting disc

Normally the validity of metal cutting discs (discs for cutting steel, stainless steel) is 3 years from the date of manufacture.

However, the way it is preserved has a direct impact on its useful life. Cutting discs should be stored in low humidity environments, without contact with water or chemical solvents.

How to check validity

To check the validity of the cutting disc (for metals) just look at the metal ring that surrounds the hole in the disc. The date of expired is engraved on it.

from the date of manufacture, you can consider about 3 years for use.

Power and cost-benefit

SUNLAND has a complete portfolio of cutting discs for the most diverse applications. All of its discs are manufactured with the best in inputs, ensuring great cutting power.

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