8 features you should know about Grinding & Cuttingwheel

  1. High bonding strength.

For example, the linear speed of the high-speed cutting wheel can reach 80-100m/s, and the grinding load of the heavy-duty grinding wheel is increased from about 50kg to more than 1000kg.

2.Easy to adjust the structure and performance.

The hardening temperature of the resin abrasive is only about 185 °C, which is much lower than the firing temperature of the ceramic grinding tool at 1300 °C. Therefore, the mesh can be inserted into the mesh cloth, the wire, the graphite powder and the screw. Caps and other materials to meet the needs of different grinding. The performance of many fillers can be maintained after the abrasive is made, so the use of different fillers can change the performance of the abrasive in a large range.

3.It has elasticity, which is beneficial to improve the smoothness of the workpiece to be processed.

The use of graphite, chrome oxide and other polishing materials as fillers can further reduce the roughness.

4.It is not easy to burn the workpiece during processing.

The resin is gradually carbonized at 230 °C. The high temperature during processing causes the resin to be partially carbonized, resulting in self-sharpening, which improves the sharpness of grinding and reduces the grinding temperature and avoids burning the workpiece.

5.Because the resin has good forming properties and good toughness, it can be made into a thin grinding wheel with a thickness of about 0.1mm for slotting cutting.

6.short production time, simple equipment, and low investment efficiency.

7.Poor water resistance, poor alkali resistance and short shelf life, which are shortcomings, and should be paid attention to during production and use.

8.. Widely used.( in the manufacture of cutting wheels, depressed-shaped grinding wheels, heavy-duty grinding wheels, roll polishing wheels, graphite mirror grinding wheels, conductive grinding wheels, honing wheels, soft polishing wheels, etc.)

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